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Park City Dining Gets National Attention

By amandapeterson
Oct 30, 2016


image004Click HERE to read more on top dining in Park City.





1st Quarter Market Stats for the Park City area

By amandapeterson
May 13, 2016

ski beach at Deer Valley Spring Break Beach in Deer Valley, Park City, Utah

Check out the 1st Quarter Stats for the Park City Area. Interesting stuff going on in real estate!

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Amanda's Park City 3rd Quarter Market Report

By amandapeterson
Dec 09, 2015


It's an interesting real estate market in the Greater Park City Area so far this year. Check out my 3rd Quarter Market Report by clicking here.

Current Park City Real Estate Trends

By amandapeterson
Aug 09, 2015

Jan fishing

Here is a peek at the current trends in Park City Real Estate. Click HERE to check it out.

Summer Events Calendar

By amandapeterson
Jun 01, 2015

Jan fishing 2Check out Park City's fantastic summer events lineup 2015!

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New Transportation Proposal for Park City

By amandapeterson
Feb 19, 2015

YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS!  Think about the ramifications of these transportation suggestions and how they will affect Park City.   This is the Mountain Accord proposal.  Your comments will make a difference.  Go to (1)

2014 End of the Year Market Report

By amandapeterson
Feb 05, 2015

Some very interesting stats and lots of new information about the Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons merge. Take a look click here...


Park City Fall Scoop and 3rd Quarter Real Estate Market Report

By amandapeterson
Nov 10, 2014

DSC03044 (1)

This glorious Indian Summer is coming to a close. With Winter on its heels, take a peek at the Fall Scoop, a calendar of events and a snap shot of my 3rd Quarter Market Report for 2014. Click here to view the report!


By amandapeterson
Oct 03, 2014

Deer Valley is purchasing Solitude Ski Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Read the Press Release for further information.

Click here for full press release



What’s next for Park City?

By amandapeterson
Sep 15, 2014

OUTSIDE seems to have the best take on this subject so this is worth
a read.  My take?  Park City Resort has been through 3 ownership since I
came to town in 1971 and they have handled all of them  with grace and
professionalism. I expect they will do the same again.  The town will step
up as they always have and embrace the new management.  Change though
disruptive is often healthy.  As this community prepares for another
wonderful ski season, it’s the snowfall amounts we will be watching and
awaiting the first opportunity to make tracks on Utah’s incredible snow.
We’ll hardly know the difference.

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